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Barriers come in all shapes and sizes. Every single one is a nuisance and often seem to only be there to make cycle access difficult or dangerous. If they served the intended function I could perhaps understand it, but mini-moto and scrambler bike users have no problems riding where they shouldn't so how come these barriers to cycling continue to be erected.

Anyway, the intention wasn't to rant about the barriers, instead I thought it would be more fun to compile photos of the many different variations that exist. I wonder how many we could find.

Here are my starters:

Hate these. I am forever banging panniers/elbows & knees on them. Difficulty in getting a trailer through these made getting the cat to the vets rather awkward by bike. 

How about the seemingly pointless post. Why is it even there ? 

Seen many people trip over these while not looking where they are walking. Fortunately I have yet to ride into it, but who knows one dark night.

Sometimes one post isn't enough.

Sometime barriers fall into disrepair and are an improvement over the original design.

The above is actually a backup to the primary barrier which can be seen in the distance and is shown below. (An identical set is on the other side of the road). 

So ver a 1.2 mile stretch of cycle path, six barriers in total and five different types.

So 5 and counting - How many different types can we add ?

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These on the Cole Valley Route...

We managed to get the tandem nicely jammed in the top one :-)

This pair always make me worry  I'm going to hit my knuckles on one of them.   I guess they are there to block motons in Peel P50s.

As far as I can tell, these are designed to keep those pesky upright bicycles out, but allow recumbent tricycles to pass easily, while doubling as climbing frames for small children...

LS said:

These on the Cole Valley Route...

Here's some extreme trike slalom action on the route out to Woodgate Valley:

Note the concrete bollards to add a bit of variety, and the more subtle barrier in the form of a lack of dropped kerbs for those joining/leaving the cycle route at this point.

That's ridiculous - presumably this is a shared use path so how does anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair manage through these things?

Kim said:

Here's some extreme trike slalom action on the route out to Woodgate Valley:

The love affair with bollards fascinates me.   Some have been erected in Bournville park that as far as I can tell are there to block access by motor vehicles to the fence via the shrubbery.   I've never attempted to park my c*r in a mature border of trees and bushes because I would imagine it's very difficult and would cause extensive, expensive damage, very possibly rendering it impossible for me to make the return journey.

This one on Bournville Walkway (a stealth cycle route) always intrigues me.   It's so big and complicated it has a couple of cul-de-sacs.

And then just beyond it they make extra sure the walkway cannot be accessed by Kim on her trike:

Yep, two more dog urinals, the further of the two being particularly awkward.

The green one (five posts up?) is a real killer.  We often take BNB rides down there, and when crossing the road to get into the park this barrier always ensures that someone has to queue in the road (dual carriage way) and that the ride leader is left stood in front of traffic as the light goes green.  Obviously you can cross the group over in sections but we try to break the rides up as little as possible as so much time is spent (wasted?) waiting for the green man.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Cannon Hill Park slalom: 

Darren listed them in the fourth post.   I know someone who crashed into these railings through no fault of his own.

I cycle through Cannon Hill Park most weekends and yet for some reason I didn't recognise those photos.  The one of the entrance gate looks almost Stalinist!

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