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Big Ride into Birmingham - Live in Hope Road Safety Campaign

Calling on all cycle groups from Birmingham WM and all towns, villages, communities.
Ride into Birmingham-- in Solidarity with the Victims and the families of the victims of Road Traffic Collisions. 
Please all bikes, skaters, cyclists, any age, background, political views/nationality join us in solidarity.

This special Remembrance Day is intended to respond to the great need of road crash victims for public recognition of their loss and suffering (see Messages & Thoughts from victims).
This day has also become an important tool for governments and all those whose work involves crash prevention or response to the aftermath, since it offers the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous scale and impact of road deaths and injuries and the urgent need for concerted action to stop the carnage.

It is also instigating a "Cycle Revolution" with a clear view of reducing child deaths by building safer cycle infrastructure. 

Why World Day of Remembrance?
The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR) is observed on the third Sunday of November each year by an increasing number of countries on every continent around the world. This day is dedicated to remembering the many millions killed or injured in road crashes and their families and communities, as well as to pay tribute to the dedicated emergency crews, police and medical professionals who daily deal with the traumatic aftermath of road death and injury.
Why is there a need for this day?
Road deaths and injuries are sudden, violent, traumatic events, the impact of which is long-lasting, often permanent. Each year, millions of newly injured and bereaved people from every corner of the world are added to the countless millions already suffering as the result of a road crash.
The burden of grief and distress experienced by this huge number of people is all the greater because many of the victims are young, because many of the crashes could and should have been prevented and because the response to road death and injury and to victims and families is often inadequate, unsympathetic, and inappropriate to the loss of life or quality of life.

All are welcome to attend!

The ride will take place on Sunday the 17th of November 2013 at 12:00.

The meeting place is at the bandstand in Cannon Hill Park

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That's a shame. 17th Nov is my clubs Prizegiving dinner, and I've got to pick up some silverware.

Some pictures from today's protest.

Looks like a good turn-out. Hopefully the powers that be will get the message.

I look forward to that, Luke.   Don't forget what Chris was saying about the organisational obligations.   It's probably best to make sure someone is responsible for that task, to avoid everyone thinking someone else would take the necessary action.

I wasn't referring to that, but rather the Public Order Act of 1986.   I'll PM you.

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