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Route 55 to Redditch. Any other route suggestions?


As a regular rider along the tow paths between Kings Norton Junction and the city, and recently along the Rea path to Cannon Hill Park, Ive been trying to do some moderately longer rides.  From where I live in Kings Norton I thought I'd try local route 55 between KN and Redditch.


Has anyone else cycled this route much?  Also does anyone have any more routes of a similar distance I can have a go at?


I really enjoyed this route.  It is a great little route mainly following Icknield Street through lovely countryside and comes out at the Arrow Valley Country Park. 


As I'm so used to the flat paths around Brum I have to admit I struggled up a couple of hills especially Weatheroak Hill which almost killed me on the way up and down.  (There is a particularly nasty pothole  half way down)


top of Weatheroak Hill.























Arrow Valley Country Park


I've been recording all my rides on Cyclemeter for iPhone. Great App! I reviewed it on my blog Is anyone else sad enough to record their journeys?





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Hi Dave,


I have to admit to being sad enough to record my journeys too. I use My Tracks on my android phone.

Great post about route 55, I'll have to give it a try. just getting back into cycling, so haven't tried many routes yet.



It's a great run, and you'll find a fair bit of stuff (including videos) on the Arrow Valley bit of the route on my 365 days of biking tumblr:


When I work in Redditch, it's a daily commute. 

I love the route over Weatheroak, and on summer evenings will ride up to King's Norton from Redditch that way. I've never found a non-hilly route, but if you do it regularly enough you get used to it. The hills shrink, you know :0)


One would imagine the canal to bypass the worst of the hills, but the tunnels of course, have no towpaths, so you have to go over the top.

Best wishes


Hi Dave,


I use Runtastic, I have previously used the iPhone version, but am currently using the blackberry version.


The paid version for both platforms give you voice feedback as you go, which cuts into any music you are listening to, which is a great motivator on the ride.


The activities are uploaded to a website, or you can tweet or FaceBook the activities direct from the handset.


My activities are posted up here > if you want to review the details you can get?


Oh, it also gives you the option to turn on live tracking to the website, great for when you get two punctures whilst out on a ride and need to let your wife know where you are!! And it allows others to review your route and give you a much needed cheer or indeed virtually race against you on your "track"






Just to be picky... ;-) that looks like the top of the Icknield St hill north of the Coach and Horses Pub on the Radford Rd (to Alvechurch)/Weatheroak Hill Road whcih crosses Icknield St.  Weatheroak Hill (with the old windmill on the top) goes up east of the pub. Going north to south, the less hilly alternative to Icknield St (although a bit busier) is Brockhill Lane (past Kings Norton Gof Club), Watery lane and Lilley Green Lane.  This is the next road route to the east.  Brockhill and Watery form a cross road witht the top of Weatheroak Hill.  Its a steady descent to Redditch. 

Me and a pal did some of the run as far as Alvechurch.


There is a park opposite that pub at Weatheroak. We were approached by the seediest-looking creature and asked

"what are you guys looking for?"! Further investigation revealed that the park is a known haunt for (ahem) free love!


Beware lingering's open to misinterpretation.

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