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Anybody ridden the towpath to Worcester ever/recently?  Was thinking it might be amusing

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No but I am being pestered to organise a canal ride for a few colleagues. You go first and let us know how you get on. Stratford is another option if anyone has done it recently. Is there a 2 bike limit on local trains?

Fair enough, I shall give it a go on Sunday depending on weather and beer consumption on Saturday.  Not sure about the trains - was planning on riding both ways and would welcome suggestions for a road based route back.  It has been a while since I've done the canal to Stratford but my recollection is that it is generally fine with some muddy bits between Cocksmoor and the Drawbridge and a short tricky bit near Woottton Wawen.

There are also some very smelly badger remains in WW at the moment but the canal will avoid them ...

I rode it a few years ago because I was enticed by the idea of all those downhill locks.  Eventually (somewhere between Bromsgrove and Droitwich I think) I got fed up with the mud (I was on a road bike) and took to the roads.  It has been drier recently so may be better (or more of it may have been resurfaced).

You'll end with a backside as rough as a badgers ass.

I'm hardly pristine at the moment TBH!!

Robert Jones said:

You'll end with a backside as rough as a badgers ass.

I cycled from King's Norton to Worcester about two weeks ago. About two thirds of it - maybe more - was lovely with the track being wide enough, and smooth enough, to manage with my elderly hybrid bike. However, on some sections I had to push myself along with my feet, and in a few other places I got off and walked. Tree roots, stones, and ruts meant that I didn't feel safe trying the more conventional method of turning the pedals around to move. 

Didn't have any problems near Hawkesley where you have to leave the canal as it goes through the Wast Hill Tunnel - in other threads, some posters have commented that it's a rough area. However, I went on my trip early on a Sunday morning - I assume the troublesome element had all retreated to their coffins. The countryside beyond the housing estate is really very pretty indeed - reminded me of Tolkien's Shire. 

A lot of the sections were idyllic, and made the rough bits seem worthwhile suffering through.

I got slightly lost, and by a happy accident ended up at St Bartholomew's Church in Tardebigge - if I was going on the ride again, I'd make the same detour on purpose, since the 1777 building positioned on a forested hillock near the start of the run of canal locks is worth seeing. 

But anyway - in short: take a mountain bike. 

Thanks for that; have added to my list of routes to ride one day.

I've ridden the route several times, last being Fri 7th July, I always do it on my 29'er mtb, there are a few rough stretches, from the tunnel after Alvechurch which takes you over the hill back to the canal becomes single track follow the road round to Tardebigge the next rough patch past stoke works lots of roots & patchy can have puddles after rain, then fairly good until the approach of the Eagle & Sun Hanbury Rd which is undulating & going forward to worcester from this point is fairly rough n rooty in places but once you pass under the M5 the tow path vastly improves & has a gravel surface becoming concrete as you near 6 ways rugby ground & onto Worcester & Diglis Basin.

Thanks for a perfectly timed thread ... a friend and I have the same ride in mind.

I've still not had a chance to have a go.  Probably in September now

We did not go as far as Worcester but we rode down to Alcester on the tow path before heading off onto the lanes.  It was lovely!


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