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So I'm sat here, Sunday morning, at work, waiting for all the trains to wake and and start breaking down, or the track to break and I'm casting my mind back over this week and what a week it was.

This time last Sunday I was just setting off to join my second skyride local. A jaunt through the south Birmingham countryside. I had decided to ride down there to get myself a 50 miler in. The ride was very well attended, excellently led and very enjoyable. I think Skyrides will form a large part of my social cycling next year. The pace is very slow but all the better for enjoying the riding and the countryside. Social cycling is very enjoyable.

Last Sunday I lost a personal hero. Marco Simoncelli passed away doing what he loved to do. A brutal and untimely end to a bright and entertaining talent. I really don't know who I will spend hours screaming at whilst watching MotoGP. Sic you were, at times painful to watch but thank you for the memories. Ride Strong up there #58

Monday, my partner got her first bike, at a shade over "cough" years, it proves you really are never too old. I guess after 40 years of committed cycling, it is easy to forget the pure unbridled joy pedalling can bring. It brought back memories of way back when, It also reminded me of how much life has changed. And how much stress roads can bring to a novice.

At 12 years old, my Mother was more than happy to pack the jam sandwiches for me and some friends to cycle to Skegness. We got as far as Lincoln on that first excursion. By 13 I was doing a weekly run to my Grandma's in Derby and a Sunday ride with Spire Road Club. No CRB checks, No concerns about strangers, a push up the hill was exactly that, not assault or molestation. Traffic was never an issue, Car drivers were courteous, the roads were safe and adults looked out for children.

Thursday I moved house, well my flat moved into storage and I moved in with Linda. Lowering settees over the balcony is probably a better spectator than participation sport. Fortunately my boy scout book of knots and basic principles of leverage and physics held out for us. Now it is over I can look forward to building my cycle workshop and a winter of tinkering and chopping up bikes for next year's fun events.

With the clocks going back, I guess winter is upon us. a timely reminder to fit the mudguards, already too late as my wet arse proved this morning. This winter, for the first time in years I am down to one bike. I don't think 96 (we all have names for our bikes don't we?) likes being my winter wheels, so I'll be scouring ebay later for something more "hack-ish" either that or start drooling over that Van Nicholas for a new summer steed!



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Comment by Toby on November 2, 2011 at 15:01

96? Please elaborate on the origins on the name for your bike?

I think "names for bikes" would be a rather telling forum strand, if people are prepared to share something they may regard as something to be kept VERY secret.

I call my new plastic German machine "die Fraulein", I am quite sheepish to admit!

Comment by Aiden McHaffie on November 2, 2011 at 23:30
Nothing secret about mine, It is no 96 out of 250 limited edition run of bikes. Although in my head it sort of reminds me of 7 of 9 when the going is good and no7 out of Grizzly Adams when the going is bad
Comment by BrownhillsBob on November 2, 2011 at 23:56

I own, or have owned Violet, Orangina, Raffles, Ollie, Colin, Snowy and George.


There, I said it.


Best wishes


Comment by LS on November 3, 2011 at 15:13

Sir Walter (Raleigh)

George (Dawes)

Gary Fisher

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