Barriers come in all shapes and sizes. Every single one is a nuisance and often seem to only be there to make cycle access difficult or dangerous. If they served the intended function I could perhaps understand it, but mini-moto and scrambler bike users have no problems riding where they shouldn’t so how come these barriers to cycling continue to be erected.

Anyway, the intention wasn’t to rant about the barriers, instead I thought it would be more fun to compile photos of the many different variations that exist. I wonder how many we could find.

Here are my starters:

Hate these. I am forever banging panniers/elbows & knees on them. Difficulty in getting a trailer through these made getting the cat to the vets rather awkward by bike.

How about the seemingly pointless post. Why is it even there ?

Seen many people trip over these while not looking where they are walking. Fortunately I have yet to ride into it, but who knows one dark night.

Sometimes one post isn’t enough.

Sometime barriers fall into disrepair and are an improvement over the original design.

The above is actually a backup to the primary barrier which can be seen in the distance and is shown below. (An identical set is on the other side of the road).

So ver a 1.2 mile stretch of cycle path, six barriers in total and five different types.

So 5 and counting – How many different types can we add ?