There are many cycling clubs based in Birmingham, and almost all of them give you an outstanding opportunity to become part of a biking community and start exploring many places by bike that will take your breath away. Participating in that kind of a club is a great way to boost your cycling skills, make some new friends, and explore more of your local area.

  1. Royal Sutton Cycling Club

The club is based in Sutton Coldfield, and the members are always eager to satisfy various other bicyclists that may like to participate in any one of the activities the club offers. Always feel free to navigate your method around the site and also learn what their members are up to.

Royal Sutton is interested in helping experienced as well as novice bicyclists participate in the local cycling area. Biking clubs in East Birmingham comply so they can organize time trials, club runs, as well as gatherings, and members of the different clubs are welcome to participate in each other’s’ meetings and activities.

The club acknowledges that brand-new bicyclists sometimes locate joining a biking club daunting; they enjoy welcoming new member you to come and attempt any of their tasks that you might be interested in, without really feeling under stress to sign up with the club.

The University of Birmingham Cycling Club

The Cycling Club of Birmingham University is a friendly club, accommodating bikers in all levels from leisure to expert standard. The club has participants of all disciplines, including roadway, downhill, track, and BMX.

The club’ membership gives you access to every training session – there are no access demands apart from the capacity to ride a bike. If you’re interested in competing for the club, go out riding on a new road for you, or you are just interested in a friendly means of obtaining fit, the cycling club is the right choice for you.

Please have a look at the areas listed below for more information concerning membership, training times, and also precisely how to get in touch.

Beacon RCC

It is a dynamic, well-established cycling club which is based in the south part of Birmingham. The primary goal about why Beacon exists is helping people to learn something from all branches of the sport and pastime of cycling. Also taking part in all cycling activities and programs, the club’s members meet for drinks, meals, country walks, and many other arranged activities.

Beacon RCC was founded in 1946, by young men who used to have their meetings on the slopes of Beacon Hill, southwest of Birmingham. As being admiring supporters of the fantastic Italian cyclists of that period, like Fausto Coppi, Beacon RCC, as the club colors have chosen white, red and green.

New members are always a friendly welcome, and if you want to join, you would probably want to learn something about us before making the right decision.

  1. Longbridge Cycling Club

Longbridge Cycling Club was formed to make an environment that provides riders the strongest possibilities for having the best biking adventures ever. Their motto – ‘Pace not race’ clearly says that they are everything but not keen on competing against each other, and we hope that we will all make it. If you are a beginner or even a professional cyclist, you are always welcomed to share the laughing moments, experiences, the enthusiasm and the instability of a group of bikers all seeking for a simple common goal.