Compared with Scandinavia, parts of France and central Spain, the United Kingdom is an over-populated country. And indeed, there are people, which is felt on the roads. However, this should not deter people from making discoveries on two wheels, as the network of cycling routes set up by the British Sustainable Mobility Foundation Sustrans makes it possible to visit all regions in perfect safety. Also, the United Kingdom is one of the most welcoming countries in Europe.

Roads and cycle paths

The leading road network is divided into two categories: “A” roads and ” B ” roads, the former representing roads of national importance. However, there is not always a difference in traffic between the two categories: it seems to be intense at all times!

A British cyclist I met explained to me his rule, which seemed very sensible to me: he never rides ” a “Roads, and he only takes a” B ” road when it does not connect two relatively close cities. However, the situation is different in the north of Scotland, where there is no one and almost only safe ” A ” roads.

The city of London is not the most advanced in the sector of cycling. However, the development of an application on bicycles, and the rental service on the part of the Banco Santander are doing that the British capital is a significant step. Even so, this city allows you to make routes located in immense green landscapes to enjoy the city by exercising and surrounding you with nature.

  1. Canal Regent

Start in Camden Town to finish near the London Business Area in Canary Wharf. This route is perfect for those who live or work in the Camden area and want to end the day by burning those extra calories while enjoying the views. The famous Regent canal offers a perfect way to make with the bike on its banks. An important fact is that almost the entire route is downhill, so there is no need for high resistance and effort.

  1. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest of London’s Royal Parks. It is a nature reserve and one of the most critical places for scientific interest and the European conservation area. The Tamsin road surrounds the entire park and offers a perfect tour of one of the jewels of the British capital. The park has designated trails and routes to promote safe and traffic-free cycling.

  1. Regent’s Park a Hampstead Heath

Start the route in one of London’s Royal Parks, 2 kilometers north of the city with beautiful trails in this green lung. North of Regent’s is Primrose Hill, a perfect hill to enjoy the views of London and its skyline. Hampstead Heath is one of the best known open spaces in the British capital, where wildlife and sports opportunities make this place magical. Nothing better than finishing the route in one of London’s oldest and most attractive pubs, The Spaniards Inn.

  1. Stratford to Waltham Abbey

Departure from Stratford Olympic Park, following the Lea River which offers spectacular views of riparian roads, green parks and decorated boats on the canal. This route allows you to distance yourself from the bustle of London to end up in this municipality of Essex. Located in the meridian of Greenwich, Waltham offers different historical buildings to visit, such as the Abbey, the perfect place to finish this route by bicycle.

  1. St James ‘ Park to Holland Park

The perfect route in the heart of London. It is possible to disconnect from the routine in the center of the British capital via this road connecting three of the most famous and essential parks. It is a simple tour because most of it is flat and you can rest and enjoy the views. Start at St James Park to go through the area of Buckingham Palace, passing through the famous Hyde Park, and finish the route in the quietest corner of London, Holland Park, or the gardens of Kyoto.