There are different cycling modes and competitions. As you know, cycling offers the possibility of touring outdoor circuits, on a covered track or includes different specialties such as the ones we will explain below.

  1. Road Cycling: characterized by riding on asphalt.

This style comes with a few different tests:

– One-day online test or “classic,” among which stand out the so-called “cycling monuments.”

– Stage trial, which takes place in a minimum of two days and consists of online stages and time trial stages. This group includes the Tour de España, the Giro de Italia and the Tour de France.

– Criterion” is a road test on a closed circuit to the circulation.

– Individual time trial.

– Team time trial.

– Climb against time

  1. Track Cycling: it is carried out in velodromes with special bikes for track.

There are several types of tests listed below:

– Individual speed.

– Gear speed.

– Half a mile.

– Individual pursuit where two runners face each other at a certain distance but take the exit from two opposite points of the track. The runner who reaches the other is the one who wins.

– Team chase.

– Point race.

– Scratch is a test in which a group of 25 runners competes with each other with prior knowledge of the laps that the test lasts.

– Madison is a multiple competition in which participants compete with each other in six different disciplines.

– Elimination race.

– “Omnium” is a variation of six-day scoring races. 19 teams from 3 runners participate. This test is characterized by how the relays are given, holding on to the arm of the companion to increase the acceleration with the impulse.

  1. Mountain Biking: Competition that takes place in natural mountain circuits.

It is characterized by the climbs and descents of mountain ports. There are different tests:


– Field through.

– Decline.

– Four Cross which is disputed in great natural falls, but have double jumps, triples, and ” dubious ” curves. Also competes in snow.

– Ascent.

– Avalanche is a marathon descent.

– Slalom is similar to the descent with slopes down with flags and ski doors.

– Mountain Marathon.

– Rural Bike performs on dirt roads and plains.

– Jumps that are practiced in ground circuits and that you have to jump doing tricks or acrobatics in the air.

– Slopestyle is very similar to the jumps but more spectacular because of the height that the runners can reach.

– Street or urban, which consists of carrying out maneuvers taking advantage of the urban furniture.

  1. Cyclocross: it is a question of carrying out several turns in a circuit with sections of asphalt, roads, and meadows and with a series of obstacles that have to be overcome.


  1. Trial: the goal is to try to reach without speed and try to make the minimum support with the feet, from the ground to the top of some obstacle like rocks, for example.


  1. BMX bike: it is an acrobatic cycling modality in which there are two sub-modes:

– BMX Race.

– Urban and ramp Freestyle.

  1. Urban Cycling: the use of bicycles as usual means of transport.


Today there are many bike lanes where we see many people with their bike heading to work, to college, or just taking a walk.