When we started practicing mountain biking, we found many questions about which items, additional to the bike, are essential and necessary.

We have prepared this list explaining why each one is used:

  1. Helmet

There is a media campaign that said, “there is no safe cycling without a helmet, “and the evidence and experience after many kilometers and days on our bike confirm that. In some countries, such as Spain and the United States, the legislation requires the use of the helmet on cyclists.

Many people wonder why, because of this requirement, many bicycle accidents cause head injuries, so a crash could result in permanent brain injury or death if the cyclist did not wear a helmet.

Almost all helmets are made of expanded polystyrene and a layer of solid polycarbonate that gives it stiffness. In a fall, polystyrene absorbs the impact by destroying itself.

  1. Gloves

When we have a fall from the front or to the sides where we have time to react, the first thing we do is protect ourselves with our hands, if we fall on the ground we will get hurt a lot if it weren’t for the protection of the gloves.

But the gloves also provide us with other functions: a better grip of the rudder in case of heavy sweating or rain, with the side they help us to clean our face in some cases. But its primary function is to protect us from scraping our hands in the event of a fall.

They can also protect you from the cold if they are gloves with full fingers, although many people usually wear gauntlets with their fingers in half, to have a more natural grip.

  1. Glasses

Before cycling, I used to think that wearing glasses was just a matter of fashion until on a descent, a mosquito almost kicked me off my bike when it crashed into one of my eyes.

Mosquitoes, mud, small stones, water, branches, UV rays, finally the list of objects and other things the glasses protect us against is long. Watch your eyes wear glasses. They can be dark or light, preferably with UV filter for better eye protection; the lower vision should be open since in Mountain Biking it is common that our view does not go beyond the next ten meters.

  1. Jersey (cycling shirt)

There are several aspects for which it is advisable to wear unique shirts for cycling. The material with which they are manufactured varies. However they have in common that they are light, very ventilated, some are made with special microfibers that function as an extra layer of skin, allowing fluid perspiration.

Also, due to its design, it allows us to carry some extra things in the back bags, a fruit, a spare tube, spatulas, phone, etc.

  1. Amphora

Simply put, an amphora is a reservoir, usually cylindrical, that serves to contain a liquid. It is recommended to drink every 15 minutes when cycling, do not wait for thirst, so it is necessary to have a container to carry liquid (pure water).

  1. Spatula

They are part of the puncture kit; they serve to separate the rim from the metal ring, to remove the punctured tube (camera or tire). The longer we spend on the bike, the greater the chances of a flat tire.

  1. Spare tube (air chamber, tire)

The other element of the puncture kit, its use is obvious: replace the punctured tube. It’s almost mandatory to wear one whenever we go out pedaling. Like all other bike implements, there are different brands and vary in weight and strength.

  1. Inflator (air pump)

Its use is evident, filling our tubes with air. A lot of inflators have been designed, and each one has its exceptional virtues. However the most important thing is that the inflator provides a good amount of air for each movement and that it adapts to the type of valves we are using